The Worship Ministry at Spring Hills focuses on using various talents to provide musical, visual, and artistic enhancement for the church service on Sundays.  We welcome those who enjoy expressing their faith in creative ways.



We are looking to grow the choir.  We are wanting all voice ranges for both men and women.  Choir will begin again on August 31 at 6:45 PM-8:00 PM. Come and join us as we begin our rehearsals to help lead worship with singing.  We have a great time of fellowship as we rehearse each week.

Worship Band

Our worship band includes drums, acoustic guitars, electric bass, keyboard and occasionally a mandolin and vocals.  If you are interested in possibly singing or playing in the worship band please contact us.

Brass & Wind Instruments

If you play an instrument we want to talk with you.  Whether you play the trumpet, clarinet, violin, cello, flute, or any other wind or brass instruments we would like to incorporate your musical gifts within worship.  We are also looking for people who can play the piano.

Multimedia Team

We consider our multimedia team as a part of the worship team.  If you have an ear for audio, and eye for video and lights, then we want you to consider joining our team.  We meet with the worship band during practice and we have a rotating schedule for Sunday mornings.  Don’t worry, we also provide training and coaching to help you get acclimated.