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Worshiping the God of Grace

July 12, 2020 – 10:30 AM

Preparation for Worship

If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee
(Please take this time to quietly meditate on the following Scripture passage as you prepare your heart to worship the Lord.)
They shall be mine, says the LORD of hosts, in the day when I make up my treasured possession, and I will spare them as a man spares his son who serves him.
Malachi 3:17 (ESV)

Welcome to Online Worship at Spring Hills!

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Call to Worship

From Psalm 31 (ESV)

(As God’s Word calls us to worship, let’s shout these words to one another recognizing that our worship is a response to God’s gracious call.)
In you, O LORD, do I take refuge; let me never be put to shame; in your righteousness deliver me!
Incline your ear to me; rescue me speedily! Be a rock of refuge for me, a strong fortress to save me!
For you are my rock and my fortress; and for your name’s sake you lead me and guide me.
Into your hand I commit my spirit; you have redeemed me, O LORD, faithful God. I hate those who pay regard to worthless idols, but I trust in the LORD. I will rejoice and be glad in your steadfast love, because you have seen my affliction; you have known the distress of my soul.
Be gracious to me, O LORD, for I am in distress; my eye is wasted from grief; my soul and my body also.
But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, “You are my God.”
Love the LORD, all you his saints! The LORD preserves the faithful but abundantly repays the one who acts in pride.
Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the LORD!

Hymn of Praise #670

If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee

(By Georg Neumark, 1641; Translated by Catherine Winkworth, 1855, 1863)
If thou but suffer God to guide thee,
and hope in him through all they ways,
He’ll give thee strength,
whate’er betide thee,
and bear thee through the evil days:
Who trusts in God’s unchanging love
builds on the Rock that naught can move.
What can these anxious cares avail thee,
these never ceasing moans and sighs?
What can it help, if thou bewail thee
o’er each dark moment as it flies?
Our cross and trials do but press
the heavier for our bitterness.
Only be still, and wait his leisure
in cheerful hope, with heart content
to take whate’er thy Father’s pleasure
and all discerning love hath sent;
nor doubt our inmost wants are known
to him who chose us for his own.
Sing, pray, and keep his ways unswerving,
so do thine own part faithfully,
and trust His Word though undeserving,
thou yet shalt find it true for thee;
God never yet forsook at need
the soul that trusted him indeed.

Prayer of Adoration

Worship in Song

Isaiah 43

(Public Domain)
When you pass through the waters,
I will be with you.
And the waves will not overcome you.
Do not fear, for I have redeemed you,
I have called you by name,
you are mine.
For I am the Lord your God (3x)
I am
The Holy One of Israel, your Savior
I am the Lord Do not fear
I am the Lord Do not fear (2x)
When you pass through the fire,
you’ll not be burned.
And the flames will not consume you.
Do not fear,
for I have redeemed you,
I have called you by name,
you are mine.
For I am the Lord your God (3X)
I am
The Holy One of Israel, your Savior
I am the Lord Do not fear
I am the Lord Do not fear (2x)

Worship in Song

You Are My All in All

(By Dennis Jernigan; CCLI #825356)
You are my strength when I am weak
You are the treasure that I seek
You are my all in all
Seeking you as a precious jewel
Lord to give up I’d be a fool
You are my all in all
Jesus Holy Lamb of God
Worthy is your name
Jesus Holy Lamb of God
Worthy is your name
Taking my sin, my cross, my shame,
Rising again I bless your name
You are my all in all
When I fall down you pick me up,
When I am dry you fill my cup
You are my all in all
Jesus Holy Lamb of God
Worthy is your name

Prayer of Confession

From John Knox Liturgy
(After the public confession below, you are encouraged to confess your sins silently to God.)
Almighty God, we are unworthy to come into your presence, because of our many sins. We do not deserve any grace or mercy from you, if you dealt with us as we deserve. We have sinned against you, O Lord, and we have offended you. And yet, O Lord, as we acknowledge our sins and offenses, so also do we acknowledge you to be a merciful God, a loving and favorable Father, to all who turn to you. And so we humbly ask you, for the sake of Christ your son, to show mercy to us, and forgive us all our offenses. Forgive the sins of our youth, and the sins of our old age. By your Spirit, O God, take possession of our hearts, so that, not only the actions of our life, but also the words of our mouths, and the smallest thought of our minds, may be guided and governed by you. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom, with you and the Holy Spirit, be all honor and glory, now and forever. Amen.
We encourage you now to confess your sins silently to God.

Comfort and Assurance of the Gospel

Jeremiah 33:8 (ESV)

I will cleanse them from all the guilt of their sin against me, and I will forgive all the guilt of their sin and rebellion against me.

Greeting of Peace

Ephesians 2:13-14 (ESV)

But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. For he himself is our peace.

Congregational Prayer

Ephesians 6:18 (ESV)

[Pray] at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. To that end keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints.

Worshiping the Lord with His Tithes and Our Offerings

(The offering is a vital part of our response to God and God’s Word. It helps us connect our adoration for God with our life of discipleship.)
Ascribe to the LORD, O families of the peoples, ascribe to the LORD glory and strength! Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; bring an offering, and come into his courts! Worship the LORD in the splendor of holiness; tremble before him, all the earth!
Psalm 96:7-9 (ESV)

Song of Preparation

Christ, the Sure and Steady Anchor
(By Matt Boswell and Matt Papa; CCLI #7045331)
Verse 1
Christ the sure and steady anchor
In the fury of the storm
When the winds of doubt blow through me
And my sails have all been torn
Chorus 1
In the suffering in the sorrow
When my sinking hopes are few
I will hold fast to the anchor
It shall never be removed
Verse 2
Christ the sure and steady anchor
While the tempest rages on
When temptation claims the battle
And it seems the night has won
Chorus 2
Deeper still then goes the anchor
Though I justly stand accused
I will hold fast to the anchor
It shall never be removed
Verse 3
Christ the sure and steady anchor
Through the floods of unbelief
Hopeless somehow O my soul now
Lift your eyes to Calvary
Chorus 3
This my ballast of assurance
See His love forever proved
All my hope is in the anchor
It shall never be removed
Verse 4
Christ the sure and steady anchor
As we face the wave of death
When these trials give way to glory
As we draw our final breath
Chorus 4
We will cross that great horizon
Clouds behind and life secured
And the calm will be the better
For the storms that we endured
Chorus 5
Christ the shore of our salvation
Ever faithful ever true
We will hold fast to the anchor
It shall never be removed

Scripture Reading

Acts 27 (ESV)

1 And when it was decided that we should sail for Italy, they delivered Paul and some other prisoners to a centurion of the Augustan Cohort named Julius. 2 And embarking in a ship of Adramyttium, which was about to sail to the ports along the coast of Asia, we put to sea, accompanied by Aristarchus, a Macedonian from Thessalonica. 3 The next day we put in at Sidon. And Julius treated Paul kindly and gave him leave to go to his friends and be cared for. 4 And putting out to sea from there we sailed under the lee of Cyprus, because the winds were against us. 5 And when we had sailed across the open sea along the coast of Cilicia and Pamphylia, we came to Myra in Lycia. 6 There the centurion found a ship of Alexandria sailing for Italy and put us on board. 7 We sailed slowly for a number of days and arrived with difficulty off Cnidus, and as the wind did not allow us to go farther, we sailed under the lee of Crete off Salmone. 8 Coasting along it with difficulty, we came to a place called Fair Havens, near which was the city of Lasea.

9 Since much time had passed, and the voyage was now dangerous because even the Fast was already over, Paul advised them, 10 saying, “Sirs, I perceive that the voyage will be with injury and much loss, not only of the cargo and the ship, but also of our lives.” 11 But the centurion paid more attention to the pilot and to the owner of the ship than to what Paul said. 12 And because the harbor was not suitable to spend the winter in, the majority decided to put out to sea from there, on the chance that somehow they could reach Phoenix, a harbor of Crete, facing both southwest and northwest, and spend the winter there.

13 Now when the south wind blew gently, supposing that they had obtained their purpose, they weighed anchor and sailed along Crete, close to the shore. 14 But soon a tempestuous wind, called the northeaster, struck down from the land. 15 And when the ship was caught and could not face the wind, we gave way to it and were driven along. 16 Running under the lee of a small island called Cauda, we managed with difficulty to secure the ship’s boat. 17 After hoisting it up, they used supports to undergird the ship. Then, fearing that they would run aground on the Syrtis, they lowered the gear, and thus they were driven along. 18 Since we were violently storm-tossed, they began the next day to jettison the cargo. 19 And on the third day they threw the ship’s tackle overboard with their own hands. 20 When neither sun nor stars appeared for many days, and no small tempest lay on us, all hope of our being saved was at last abandoned.

21 Since they had been without food for a long time, Paul stood up among them and said, “Men, you should have listened to me and not have set sail from Crete and incurred this injury and loss. 22 Yet now I urge you to take heart, for there will be no loss of life among you, but only of the ship. 23 For this very night there stood before me an angel of the God to whom I belong and whom I worship, 24 and he said, ‘Do not be afraid, Paul; you must stand before Caesar. And behold, God has granted you all those who sail with you.’ 25 So take heart, men, for I have faith in God that it will be exactly as I have been told. 26 But we must run aground on some island.”

27 When the fourteenth night had come, as we were being driven across the Adriatic Sea, about midnight the sailors suspected that they were nearing land. 28 So they took a sounding and found twenty fathoms. A little farther on they took a sounding again and found fifteen fathoms. 29 And fearing that we might run on the rocks, they let down four anchors from the stern and prayed for day to come. 30 And as the sailors were seeking to escape from the ship, and had lowered the ship’s boat into the sea under pretense of laying out anchors from the bow, 31 Paul said to the centurion and the soldiers, “Unless these men stay in the ship, you cannot be saved.” 32 Then the soldiers cut away the ropes of the ship’s boat and let it go.

33 As day was about to dawn, Paul urged them all to take some food, saying, “Today is the fourteenth day that you have continued in suspense and without food, having taken nothing. 34 Therefore I urge you to take some food. For it will give you strength, for not a hair is to perish from the head of any of you.” 35 And when he had said these things, he took bread, and giving thanks to God in the presence of all he broke it and began to eat. 36 Then they all were encouraged and ate some food themselves. 37 (We were in all 276 persons in the ship.) 38 And when they had eaten enough, they lightened the ship, throwing out the wheat into the sea.

39 Now when it was day, they did not recognize the land, but they noticed a bay with a beach, on which they planned if possible to run the ship ashore. 40 So they cast off the anchors and left them in the sea, at the same time loosening the ropes that tied the rudders. Then hoisting the foresail to the wind they made for the beach. 41 But striking a reef, they ran the vessel aground. The bow stuck and remained immovable, and the stern was being broken up by the surf. 42 The soldiers’ plan was to kill the prisoners, lest any should swim away and escape. 43 But the centurion, wishing to save Paul, kept them from carrying out their plan. He ordered those who could swim to jump overboard first and make for the land, 44 and the rest on planks or on pieces of the ship. And so it was that all were brought safely to land.


The Anchor of Trust in God

Rev. David Stain
Pastor, Spring Hills Presbyterian Church

Closing Hymn #460

Amazing Grace!

(By John Newton, 1779)

Amazing Grace! How sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found,
was blind, but now I see.
‘Twas grace that taught
my heart to fear,
and grace my fears relieved;
how precious did that grace appear,
that hour I first believed!
Thro’ many dangers, toils & snares,
I have already come;
‘tis grace has brought me safe thus far,
and grace will lead me home.
The Lord has promised good to me,
His Word my hope secures;
He will my shield and portion be,
as long as life endures.
And when this flesh and heart shall fail,
and mortal life shall cease,
I shall possess within the veil
a life of joy and peace.
When we’ve been there
ten thousand years,
bright shining as the sun,
we’ve no less days
to sing God’s praise,
than when we’ve first begun.



Amazing Grace
(Arr. by John Hudson)

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 Songs of worship are used with permission. CCLI #2522243